July 19-21st, 2010 – CaptureRx® will be exhibiting at the 14th Annual 340B Coalition Conference at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington D.C. The 14th Annual 340B Coalition Conference is the premier venue to examine how 340B stakeholders can prepare themselves for this new environment. It is also the place to find out the next steps that 340B advocates and detractors will be taking to reform the program. Visit the CaptureRx® exhibit booths to learn how CaptureRx® can bring 340B, GPO and Own Use automation to hospitals’ expanding contract pharmacy opportunities. CaptureRx® will also unveil an new exclusive feature called ReferDoc™, Penny Purchase™, and Advance Purchase™. For more information on the Conference, visit, http://www.340bconferences.org/conferences/2010_annual/index.cfm. For information regarding CaptureRx®, visit capturerx.com.