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Cumulus by CaptureRx - 340B, GPO, PBM

CUMULUSTM, the proprietary system leveraging web-based technology by CaptureRx®, announces migrating all clients to Version 3.0.

CUMULUSTM V3.0 wraps all the great features of 2.5, and offers easier use, operability and dynamic reporting,” confirms Nichol Rodriguez, Client Services Team Leader at CaptureRx®. Client Service teams are ready to assist 340B, GPO, and PBM partners requiring support and training, if needed, for the migration. Clients will use the same login for a seamless transition.

In early May 2012, Version 3.0 will become the only available login for CaptureRx® hospital, clinic, FQHC and pharmacy partners. CUMULUSTM V3.0 login is nimble, the dashboard is clean and informative, and the system is more responsive.

While partner clients on the entity and pharmacy sides will enjoy V3.0, the technology team at CaptureRx® has been developing the next generation of CUMULUSTM. More about the next generation of robust processing and tracking for 340B, GPO, and PBM partners will come in the future.

Rodriguez adds, “CUMULUSTM V3.0 integrates a revolutionary and readily available browser-based plugin that makes the front-end better, easier, and faster. Combined with the technological advancements, client partners will enjoy the superior interface and usability.”

CaptureRx®, formed in 1999 in San Antonio, Texas, is one of the largest 340B administrators in the United States serving safety-net clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. CaptureRx® services have positively impacted millions of patients, uniting patients and pharmacies while lowering drug costs through innovative pharmacy benefit management, and the use of contracted pharmacy network-based delivery of Public Health Service 340B, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO), Own Use and Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (PAP) drugs.

Today, CaptureRx® is a pioneer and technology leader in 340B processing, and automation, through Cumulus™, its proprietary system leveraging web-based technology. For information on how your program can use participating 340b pharmacies and entities in the CaptureRx® partnership, please contact or call the CaptureRx® 340B, GPO and PBM professionals toll-free at 1-888-345-6424.

CaptureRX® delivers pharmacy benefits management, 340B, and GPO solutions to America’s hospitals and health centers. For more information, please visit

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