Alisa Cash: Pharmacy IT Innovations and Successes

When CaptureRx® partnered with Alisa Cash to become Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, the plan was by design. Since CaptureRx® utilizes its propriety CUMULUSTM system leveraging web-based technology for capturing claims, ordering, remediating, pushing and pulling funds, reporting and more across the United States, the company recognized Alisa’s acumen and successes in the pharma and health administration IT space.

“After decades of pharmacy IT experience, expansion, team-building, innovating and inventing, CaptureRx® is a natural fit. With national chain pharmacies launching and contract agreements pouring in from clinics and hospitals, the timing is perfect to refine, document, scale, plan and be strategic” quips Alisa. Chief Operations Officer Dean Brown adds “with her depth, breadth, and passion for serving her customers, CaptureRx® clients are in capable hands.”

Alisa Brings Knowledge and Experience

Notable among Alisa’s accomplishments are enabling former employer H-E-B’s pharmacy operations to be recognized for technology-enabled security and compliance. Armed with her knowledge and decisiveness, Alisa helped position pharmacy operations to leverage technology and centralize in-store tasks positioning Pharmacy Operations to load-balance work across stores and maximize use of in-store robotics, as well as, H-E-B’s centralized dispensing facility. As script volumes grew, technology allowed Pharmacy to hold store labor constant. The program has been so successful that H-E-B received inquiries to purchase the core dispensing solution.

Best news: While leading Pharmacy IT at H-E-B, Alisa’s efforts had a direct positive impact to 340b Pharmacy Operation’s budget; automation, data availability, security, and safety as the drivers.

Prior to joining H-E-B, Alisa was an Associate Partner with Accenture where she provided strategy and leadership to IT functions for some of the nation’s largest health insurers / health systems.

Meaningful to Clients

Helping patients and supporting client mission is evident in Alisa’s mindset; the client and the patients served come first — it’s how CaptureRx® is Expanding HealthcareTM every day. For Alisa, it represents her personal mission as well: “from compliance to adherence, elegant solutions built on quality, and form with function, it is all about helping people.”

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