The number of 340B claims processed by CaptureRx® tripled in 2014. And we have responded with performance enhancements to our proprietary CUMULUS platform in order to handle the increased loads. Not just today, but well into the future. The following are a few of the improvements found in CUMULUS 3.1.2 released on October 15, 2014:

  • Increased Speed – The newly optimized CUMULUS hardware and software engine now process claims up to 75% faster than before. Users will enjoy a faster and more responsive experience.
  • Additional Prescription Refill Filters – New prescription and refill logic filters have been added for additional flexibility and compliance when processing prescription refills.
  • CUMULUS PE & PR File Validator – To speed up the implementation process, we have introduced an easy-to-use application in the client portal to self-validate Patient Eligibility (PE) and Prescriber (PR) file formats. The new tool will enable new CUMULUS users to take advantage of the 340B program sooner thanks to a shorter implementation process.

As the number of 340B claims continues to increase, the CaptureRx commitment remains unchanged. As always our goal is to help those most in need through the development and delivery of innovative technologies for community pharmacies and the healthcare industry.

CaptureRx is working on additional CUMULUS enhancements that will continue our dedication to compliant, transparent and efficient processing of 340B claims. Look for announcements soon about these future upgrades to CUMULUS.

If you have any questions about CUMULUS 3.1.2 or the impact on your organization, please contact your CaptureRx representative at 888-345-6424 or