The New Automated 340B Program! (Closed Workshop to CHC Staff Only )

New recent automation for 340B is now creating one of the largest savings centers for CHCs. Find out how many CHC’s are making $250,000, $400,000 and even $1,000,000 in additional savings annually! What’s more, see why Mississippi’s new Managed Medicaid could double your 340B savings!

Learn how McKesson, the nation’s largest healthcare and drug distribution company, and RelayHealth, the nation’s largest pharmacy transactions company, bring together total 340B automation through Easy340B™ and CaptureRx®. CaptureRx® provides the nation’s first and largest 340B pricing claims capture network, compliance and audit trail, automated inventory tracking and ordering, and funds collection.

Edward Gilmartin, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of National Extended Care (NEChealth) will present and demonstrate CaptureRx® and provide examples of its success.

CaptureRX® delivers pharmacy benefits management, 340B, and GPO solutions to America’s hospitals and health centers. For more information, please visit