Humana and Pfizer Partnership Improve Health Care For Seniors

Humana and Pfizer announced today a research collaboration focused on improving care for seniors suffering from chronic conditions in primary care settings. The aim is to better understand the needs of those persons 65 years of age and above and develop effective treatments and care to meet their needs effectively and efficiently through collaboration.

These type of collaborations are increasing as we look to ways to employ population health strategies. This targeted group is a subpopulation which continues to increase with the U.S. Census estimating that by 2020 the Medicare-eligible population will reach 65 million – a 36% increase in ten years which consumes a great deal of health care resources making it imperative to look at cost effective approaches to managing chronic disease.

Author - Holly Russo
Holly E. Russo, RN, MSN, MS, ECS
Vice President Hospitals and Health Systems, Chief Clinical Officer

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