NEC Health News Item – NEC Networks LLC, debuted CaptureRx® at the National 340B Coalition Conference held in Washington D.C. July 14th-16th 2008, where over 800 hospital and clinic program attendees met to discuss issue related to the Public Health Service 340B Drug Discount Program. CaptureRx® is an ASP internet-based complete 340B solution for: mixed-use pharmacies; DSH Hospitals; FQHCs; contracted pharmacies; and other stakeholders. The CaptureRx® System literally “captures” prescriptions claims through the pharmacy “switch” in real-time and matches these claims up with eligible patients of the 340B eligible clinics and hospital providing for a complete audit and compliance match. What’s more, it provides split-billing between wholesale accounts, automated inventory ordering and tracking, and automated funds settlement.

“We looked at all the competition and the CaptureRx® system is amazing and the best I have seen!” according to TJ Whitehead, CFO, White River Rural Health Network, the largest FQHC in Arkansas. From clinics, pharmacy chains to hospitals, the sentiments were the same. CaptureRx® goes into full production September 30th and already has a backorder of new clinic and hospital clients ready to use the System. Still wondering “What is 340b pharmacy?” Check out our blog at

CaptureRX® delivers pharmacy benefits management, 340B, and GPO solutions to America’s hospitals and health centers. For more information, please visit