In a recent decision articulated by Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA), Covered Entities’ patients may now use any one of the in-house and contracted pharmacies that provide services to the parent Covered Entity’s clinics and departments under the 340B Program. This does not take the place of one to many, as a 1:1 (contract pharmacy to entity site) relationship is STILL required on the OPA database and registration. In order for that requirement to change, a final notice must be published in the Federal Register. However, if a Parent Covered Entity has 5 clinic sites, they can have up to five pharmacies (in-house and contracted) servicing all of the parent organization patients. If you’re wondering, what is 340b? please contact CaptureRx® at 1-888-345-6424 to learn more about this program. To contact OPA and the Pharmacy Services Support Center (PSSC), please visit,

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