CaptureRx Federal Drug Discount Card FDDC

Clinics, working with CaptureRx®, can provide much-needed help with the cost of drugs to their patients that do not have prescription coverage. What’s more, patients are able to access drugs through contracted pharmacies near their place of work or home. Patients are identified at the pharmacy through a prescription card provided to the patient by the clinic. The pharmacy processes the claim online and the patient is verified eligible. Many clinic programs pay for some, or all, of the cost for certain prescriptions for patients. Others pass-on the greater savings so that the patient receives the benefit and can afford much need prescriptions. The Public Health Service 340B Drug Program is able to extend more savings to patients who would typically go without.

For the indigent, under-served and vulnerable population patients, pharmaceuticals are out of reach. Utilizing a prescription drug card, the disenfranchised patient population is now receiving much-needed drugs. The best part of this story: no taxpayer funding, better patient care, and improved adherence. The focus of the 340B program and the use of the prescription drug card is always the patient.

The clinic can improve the continuum of care for their patients in need through 340B program access to prescription drugs.

It’s how CaptureRx® is Expanding HealthcareTM every day.