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CaptureRx® Applying for URAC Core Standards Accreditation

CaptureRx® announced today that it is a candidate for Core Standards Accreditation from URAC, a Washington, DC-based health care accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the health care industry. The Core Standards provide the basic structures and process any organization must have to maintain a level of quality expected in a URAC-accredited organization.

“CaptureRx® is setting the ‘New 340B Standard.’ URAC will be another layer of third party review to assure the highest level of service, compliance, and protection to our hospital and clinic clients, our pharmacy network, and most importantly, the consumer patient,” states Edward Gilmartin, President and Co-founder of CaptureRx®.

URAC is one of the four pillars of CaptureRx®Compliance, Integrity, and Transparency (CIT) Initiatives, which makes CaptureRx® the most compliant, audited and third party- and client peer-reviewed organization in the 340B administration, data, and safety-net pharmacy networks market segment. To learn more about CaptureRx® CIT Initiatives, visit capturerx.com/CIT.

“By choosing to seek URAC Core Standards Accreditation, CaptureRx® has displayed leadership through a commitment to quality and accountability,” said Alan P. Spielman, URAC president and CEO.

The Core standards are the foundation of URAC accreditation. These standards address several key organizational functions that are important for any health care organization, including: organizational structure; staff qualifications; training and management; oversight of delegated activities; quality management; and consumer protection.

About URAC
URAC, an independent, nonprofit organization, is a leader in promoting health care quality through accreditation and certification programs. URAC’s standards keep pace with the rapid changes in the health care system, and provide a mark of distinction for health care organizations to demonstrate their commitment to quality and accountability. Through its broad-based governance structure and an inclusive standards development process, URAC ensures that all stakeholders are represented in setting meaningful standards for the health care industry. For more information, visit www.urac.org.

About CaptureRx®
CaptureRx® provides pharmacy network administration, data and health technology solutions to support our nation’s safety-net hospitals, clinics and managed care organizations through 340B, GPO and Own-use drug price savings programs. CaptureRx® serves our nation’s costliest and highest risk patients by managing outpatient prescriptions that comprise 80% of today’s patient’s treatment modality. CaptureRx® identifies, tracks and navigates high-risk populations within medical and “pharmacy home” networks to assure access and adherence, as well as better outcomes.

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Visit Compliance, Integrity, and Transparency (CIT) Initiatives for more information.

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