The 340B program places a ceiling on the amount drug manufacturers can charge eligible entities for prescription drugs. While they cannot charge more than this maximum, they have the option of charging less. This pricing helps low-income individuals afford their prescription medications; CaptureRx has administrated more than 7.1 million 340B patient visits. Not only is the cost of pharmaceuticals much lower than the average retail cost, it is also less expensive than purchasing the products wholesale. The patient who uses one of these facilities for his or her health care needs can be provided with no-cost prescription medications.

If you’re still wondering “what is 340b pharmacy pricing?”, contact a 340B professional at CaptureRx now, and perhaps an example will help. If a patient has a chronic condition which requires him to take medications totaling retail $150 per month, he can expect to pay $0 or a nominal fee for the same medications when the drugs are prescribed from an approved, participating health care facility and the prescription is fulled by a contracted pharmacy. The patient saves $1800 per year on his medications, has better adherence, and reduces comorbidity which in turn reduces expensive emergency room visits and other care.

Facilities approved to participate in the 340B drug program are acting in the best interest of their patients. They are helping more patients acquire the prescription medications they need by keeping costs as low as possible. When patients get pharmaceuticals at a significantly reduced rate or at no charge, everyone benefits.