The 340B drug pricing program allows eligible health care facilities to obtain prescription drugs for their patients at reduced rates. However, 340B eligibility is restricted to certain types and classifications of facilities.

Facilities approved for 340B eligibility include those that normally serve a high percentage of indigent patients; critical access hospitals are one example. In order to be eligible, the facility must be able to show a significant number of its patients have Medicare, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, or are covered by other government assistance. Sole Community Hospitals, Disproportionate Share Hospitals and many health clinics are also eligible.

This eligibility is also extended to various health facilities that serve specific groups. Some examples are the urban Indian population, Native Hawaiians, AIDS programs, Black Lung programs, cancer hospitals, and family planning clinics. A family planning center that is funded by the state is not eligible to participate in the program.
CaptureRx® unites clinics and hospitals with contract pharmacies by assisting with the implementation process, including the first of many steps of registering with the Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA). Facilities are not covered until they are registered. The facility must inform the drug manufacturer or wholesaler of its participation in the discount program when placing its order; CaptureRx follows the implementation steps expertly.

There are quarterly deadlines for OPA registration: the 1st of December, March, June, and September.
If your facility is covered by the 340B program, you must be sure to keep your relevant information current. If the name of your facility changes or there is a change in the main point of contact, you need to notify the OPA of the change. OPA now only officially communicates via email with the person of record; it is extremely important to make certain the proper information is listed.

Health care facilities participating in this program can save serve greater numbers of patients, providing 340B pharmaceuticals to the vulnerable and disenfranchised. The mission of the 340B drug program is to grant access to pharmaceuticals; CaptureRx does this every day, compliantly, by Expanding HealthcareTM.